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A wild woman is not a girlfriend…

A wild woman is not a girlfriend… 

“Can you trust me, even though you cannot tame me? Can you love me, even though I am all that you fear and admire? Are you afraid to step into me?

If you want to be safe, go back to your tiny room — the night sky is not for you.If you want to be torn apart, come in. Be broken open and devoured. Be set ablaze in my fire.

I will not leave you as you have come: well dressed, in finely-threaded sweaters that keep out the cold. I will leave you naked and biting.

There is nothing in you that can scare me. Nothing in you I will not use to make you great.

I will plant pear trees in the wake of your disaster. I will see to it that you shall rise again.”


13th Worldwide Womb Blessing – join us on August 10th!

Join in to recieve the blessings of sacred feminine energies ♡♡♡

The Womb Blessing Attunement

Welcome, women of the Worldwide Womb Blessing!

Image courtesy of Christina Smith

Awakening and healing our femininity and energies.

Continue to awaken your femininity and release more of the beautiful, empowering aspects of your female energies in the 13th free Worldwide Womb Blessing on 10th August 2014.


Welcome sister!

The next Worldwide Womb Blessing will be held at four times during the day of August 10th. The soft glittering energy of the Full Moon and the golden energy of Mother Earth will be with us as we connect through the Womb Blessing energy in a planet-wide circle of women.

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